Wednesday, February 22, 2006

After dinner....

Dave, Ed, and I raced cars!

Murder Mystery Dinner

Can you spot the killer?

Olympian in the making...

My first time Cross Country skiing


Monday, February 13, 2006


Sarah had a day off from school. It was time to par-tay. We went to a science center. About five feet out of the car, we decided we didn't actually want to go, so we toured the parking lot.

It was then declared our TOTALLY POINTLESS DAY
From there, we decided to go to a paint your own pottery place.
We found the store, dug for change,

fed the meter wrong, pulled forward, and....
it was closed.
Lucky for us, there was a music store next door.

I fell in love. Doesn't my face look like I love this guitar? I need this guitar. Help me buy this guitar. Send me money for this guitar.
Got lost....

Got angry....
Took a Nap....


The Mall

I talked Sarah into going to the mall (it was a secret ploy to get ideas for her birthday present). We were in Claire's and Sarah says "Hey Miranda, you should get your ears pierced." This thought had never really occured to me before. "Ok" So I filled out some paperwork, Prayed (I'm not nervous)

Hugged a teddy bear. Even though I'm not nervous. I'm not freaking out.

Not nervous.



At last, we finished our pointless day in the bounce house in the Vellinga's living room.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wine Tasting

I decided to try just a sip.