Sunday, January 24, 2010


Last night, Trevor took me on a really fun date. We went to a barbershop quartet festival featuring the world championship group Fred. They are so funny. I had such a blast and laughed my head off. Here's a video of a song they sang.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Belly picture!

Here is the next little maniac coming to our family soon!

I made a book!

So, I pretty much haven't sewn anything since 7th grade home ec. So it's been like a decade. I really want to learn to sew again. so I decided to start with an activity book for Allie and future children (if it lasts through Allie.)

The cover has hands that move.

The first page has a girl with changeable eyes and lips. You can also do her hair. Adjacent is different shapes and colors Allie can match.

The next page has laundry she can take out of the laundry basket and hang on clothespins. Next to that is a mailbox where the flag can move, and she can open and close the door. I'll put letters or envelopes or treats in there each sunday.

The next two pages have a "garage" for a matchbox car and a little town to drive through.

The next page cracks me up. It's my bearded man. You can either pull on his hair or his beard to make it grow. Next to him are several pockets you can button, latch, velcro, snap, tie, buckle, and so on.
Next is a grocery bag she can pull various fruits and veggies out. After that is Noah's Ark with a pocket she can unzip and discover lots of animals.

Last but not least, the credit. A special thanks to Grandma K and Ruth for donation of material. To Ruth and Rachel for all the help (again I can't sew OR thread a surger!). It would've been an utter disaster without you two.To my in-laws for putting up with the mess for a few weeks. And last but not least, Ruth, Rachel, Granny G, and Leah for all the brainstorming and good ideas for pages.