Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mikey and his mood swings


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Baby Girl is 2!

Allie just had a birthday. She is officially terribly two! What a great two years it has been! This girl is bursting with personality. She loves her brother. She loves to be a clown. She believes all little girls are called Emma (Her cousin, our neighbor's girl, and another friend she plays with once a week are all Emmas. She only has one friend that is not an Emma). She loves dogs. She loves "annie" (candy) and "ilk." She's sweet and compassionate. Wild and crazy. Active, but a bookworm. Hungry for everyone elses food. Curious and thoughtful. Assertive and independent.

A few highlights:
Allie will say no to everything. We think it's funny. We often ask her "Allie, do you want to play?" "No!" "Do you want some juice?""No!" "Do you want candy?" "No!" Then she paused as revalation crossed her face and she slowly nodded. "Annie?"

She screams "Boo!" at every living creature.

Whenever we go outside, she gets on her belly to say "Hi" to something under the bushes.

She says "Kank Eww!" (Thank you) a minimum of 10 times for everything.

She refuses to wear pants. Dresses and skirts only.

I wore a headband. Allie got so excited about it. Every time she looked at me she'd exclaim "Ooooh!" and do her 'I'm so pretty' dance.

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