Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas. Trevor and I were so excited to see Allie's face with her new kitchen that we slept on the couches just in case we'd miss it. I woke up way before them, though, so we could've just slept in our bed. Either way, we had a beautiful Christmas morning. The kids got spoiled, I got to relax, and we all got to enjoy good friends and wonderful kids.

Poor girl

Some of my favorite and most cherished times are in the morning when we all hang out in bed. I get the feeling it isn't always Maya's. Poor girl is never left alone. She's always bombarded.

4th child or 2nd 1st?

We've been keeping a secret; Trevor was expecting. But he gave a beautiful and easy birth to a gorgeous toddler girl. We're not sure what to call her. For now, we've been calling her goofball.

Can you blame them?

*Objects in pictures may appear much cleaner than they actually were

Is it just me or does Mikey's left hand in the last picture look like it has frostbite?