Friday, August 19, 2011


Today we needed something to keep our little hands busy so we would stop fighting and stop driving mommy crazy. Mommy borrowed some of Daddy's shaving cream. We had a blast!

This'n That

Allie loves to wear Daddy's safety goggles. She refuses, however, to take a good picture.These two love to kiss. They are so funny.
The next few pictures demonstrate how cute our kids are for church. Mikey got a 'new' outfit (handed down from cousin Nash) and he just looked so stinking dapper in it that Trevor couldn't help but do a photo op.

Since I am nesting and we are moving, I've been thinning out a lot of our junk. I took a load to Goodwill, but ended up coming home with more than I donated! One steal I could not pass up was these kids sized deck chairs for $4 dollars each. The kids LOVE them. Mikey especially learned how easy they are to push around and climb up on to reach greater heights.
The best friends like to cuddle and watch a movie when they're sick.
Give this boy a soft blanket, and he's out in a heartbeat.

She looks like a work of art the way her hair is flowing all around. She is a work of art.
Allie loves my high heeled boots. It's hilarious to watch her walk around in them. She kind of looks like a goat.

I love my goofballs more than anything. I'm so glad they are such good friends.

Making tortillas one day, I turned around to find the one I had rolled out had finger marks in it. I cooked it anyway. Trevor and I are convinced there are racoons in our apartment. There's always little hands getting into things, carrying things off, and stashing them in random places. Whatever these little creatures are, they sure are quick and they sure are silent. (And I'm guessing they sure are cute, too!)
You should've heard the song she was composing! It was...magical. Notice she must have her composing boots on.
Love them. Love them, love them. Love. Them.
Allie loved the fireworks at the 4th of July. Just listen to her little voice in this clip. She was so much fun!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


My in-laws have been planning to come visit. We had a surprise waiting for them.