Saturday, March 21, 2009

Allie's Screeching

I always wanted a noisy household full of kids. I thought it would be full of kids before it would be noisy. Turns out, you only need one.

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Trevor has such a good eye for photography. It amazes me. I had to take a class to get to his level and he's never taken classes on it. I think he should. He'd be that much more amazing. Here's a few samples of his work. P.S. These were all taken on the way to my mom's house.

Don't ask me why

But this picture makes me feel so delighted


In February, I caught a ride with my older sister, Leah, and her fabulous fam down to Arizona to visit our fam. We made it down to the Phoenix area in one piece (Though Allie had had it with being in the car.) We stayed with my wonderful Aunt Val and just basked in the sun for a few days. Then headed on down to Thatcher (aka the middle of nowhere) and stayed with my Aunt Kathy and visited my Grandparents and various cousins. All in all, the best word I can use to describe it was exhausting. I didn't have Trevor to help me out with Allie. He has a way with her that I just don't, and she calms right down for him. It was the longest Trev and I have ever been apart (a whole week!). And the first time Allie has ever been away from her Dad, really. Allie really took to my dad (Pappy). She got so happy whenever he was around. If I was holding her, she'd lean strongly to him. I was amazed. I've never seen her take to someone so much besides Trevor. I think Pappy kinda liked it too. She's a little charmer.

We stopped at my mom's on the way home, and Trevor met us there. I handed Allie to him and she just stared at him for 3 full minutes with her eyes just wide as he talked to her. Then she let out the most heart rendering cry I've ever heard. It seemed she was saying "Why would you leave me so long!? How could you!? I missed you so!?" It broke my heart. I wanted to cry! Plus I missed Trevor so much and I was so happy to see him I could've cried.  Allie couldn't even look at him the rest of the night without crying. It was so sweet. But the next morning, she was fine and was all his once again. She loves her daddy!

Navajo Bridge

Phoenix zoo

I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few. At the Phoenix zoo we got to feed the Giraffes! It was awesome! One little boy got his hand too close. The giraffe wrapped its tongue around his hand and took all the food. When it released him, his hand was dripping with slime! It was sick.

We came to a monkey cage where the monkeys had hair that stuck straight up on their heads. Upon seeing them Gage screamed "Mom! They have the same hair as you!"

Near another cage, a guy walked by, spotted an animal and exclaimed "That is cute! What is that?" Leah simply said, "Oh, that's just my husband, Dylan."

In the nocturnal creatures building, a 10 year old boy was looking very closely at some cockroaches. Leah tickled his neck and he wigged out! We could've stood there all day with a piece of grass and been so entertained! It was hilarious!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009