Thursday, September 20, 2007

Non-blog this

I don't have the internet for one thing. I'm working two jobs (one of which I had to sleep with my boss in order to get) and I'm starting school. I have to go to Leah's to post anything, and even when I do come over with the intent to blog, I play with her way too adorable kids and hold her way too precious baby. So I never get anything done. In recent news....

A few weekends ago, I went to Wyoming with Trevor and Greg Weld (a friend from Massachusetts who recently moved out here). We attended a mountain man rendezvous and found work at the root beer stand. It was a lot of fun, but I don't think I can drink root beer for a very very very long time. I forgot my camera, but Greg took pictures. I need to steal them from him. In order to be allowed in (for free anyway) you had to be dressed in era attire. So a lot of people were dressed in pilgrim clothes or leather. My favorite was one woman who was dressed like a native american, very decked out, and her little daughter was dressed like a pilgrim. Somehow, that didn't work out so well for me. It was odd looking. But it cracked me up. I dressed up, and so did Trevor and Greg. On Sunday, they held church in a field. It was a lot of fun because everyone was still dressed up. It made me feel like I was attending church like the pilgrims used to out on the plains (well except for the microphone and speakers for the bishop and testimony bearers). Another favorite of mine was the dance Saturday night. It was all by candle light and they had a real band. No one was allowed in at all with normal clothes. It gave me another feel for what it was like back then. I couldn't dance a lick, and it was hard to teach Trevor the polka but we had a blast. The night, Trevor kept us up all night singing on his guitar in a high pitched british voice. Greg and I about wet ourselves (did I mention we camped with another family of a friend of Trevor's?). I gained an appreciation for the pioneers and also hot showers and also bathrooms and also my own bed. Greg got the joy of sharing an air mattress with us. He slept on the side of Trevor I usually sleep on (because if you sleep on the opposite side, you get elbowed in the face a lot) so Greg got some nice cuddling, while I got elbowed all weekend. All in all, it was a great time.

The following weekend, Trevor, Greg, and I went camping to fishlake with my family. Trevor had never been and I had talked about it before. We promised Greg his own bed this time, so he happily came along. We had a nice few days hangin out with the fam. On Sunday, we headed to my Uncle Dean's in Sigurd and had a big family dinner. I haven't seen some of my relatives in a really really long time. 8 of my grandma's 9 children were there, and that is very very rare. Usually there's 4 or 5 of the kids. It was a special treat. That is until we got food poisoning from the deviled eggs. It hit Trevor hard, and we found out Greg got it bad too. I only got it mildly because I only had 1 1/2. Trevor ate 6 or 7. So he about died. But my food poisoning quickly turned into a pretty nasty cold. We spent most of last week in bed or in the bathroom. It was rather miserable. It was the only time I wished we had two bathrooms because we scarcely could share. Not too much fun.