Monday, November 27, 2006

This is just a test

My blog has been acting up lately. It won't let me post a lot of pictures. (hopefully) Here is one of Bonita's puppies from a while ago. Isn't he cute?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This semester I'm taking a black and white photography class. I enjoy it so much. I have more photos to share, but it quit uploading my stuff, so maybe tomorrow. Enjoy!

Indoor Lighting

I'm going to frame this one and put it in my kitchen. I love it.


For this week's assignment, we're supposed to find and inanimate form of nature and make it have human qualities. I found this semi-carved rock in a place called Holyland, U.S.A (
I'm going to turn it in as a joke. I have a nice picture of a tree, but this won't upload it for the time being. So just enjoy this one.

Frozen Motion

For this assignment, we had to freeze something in motion, without any blur. This was to teach us about shutter speed.
Although Trevor is hot doing backflips, I turned in the swings which I am most proud of. I took Bonnie to school one day, and happened to have my camera. The bell rang, and all the kids jumped off the swings. It looked cool.


These are photograms. When printing typical pictures, you would slide your negative under a light that enlarges it. Then you'd put the special paper under and expose it for a few seconds, and then develop it. When you slide the paper in the developer, the photo appears.

When making a photogram, however, you just put random objects on the paper and then expose it. It sounds simple, but it's really not so much. There is an art to it. I don't really posses that talent, but here are some of my best. The top photogram was not entirely dipped into the developer. Instead, I took a cup and dumped some on certain parts to make a different effect.

The Best

I think it speaks for itself.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Touching Turkey Day Story

While serving food at a homeless shelter, a man heard a homeless man pray out loud over his food. He thanked God for his blessing, and he thanked God for hunger. After he was finished, another homeless man piped up, "Why in the world would you be thankful for hunger?"
The first homeless man simply replied, "Because if I weren't starving, I wouldn't be able to eat this food."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

U of H

A big group of us went to the U of Hartford basketball game to watch our friend Jenna play. (She didn't even get to play, but what can ya do?) It was a blast and I wish I would've brought my camera so I could show you guys. My favorite part, besides the fact that we won against Dartmouth, is at one point in the game, Trevor and I were talking to each other or something. Then I noticed the whole place went quiet, so I looked at the court to see what was going on. Trevor gave a REALLY loud whooping kind of noise. Then we both realized it was quiet because it was our team taking a foul shot. The whole place heard Trevor mess up our player. She missed. It was so funny! Everyone turned and looked at him with this "What is your problem?" look on their faces. That's my man.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hublein Tower...again

A group of us went up to Hublein Tower to watch the sunset. It was fun, but chilly.

The above picture is just for Katie Barton.

Can you spot Trevor 1&2? There both in this one.
There's Trevor 1!
I can't decide if I'm Horton the Elephant, or the egg he sat on.
Heather, you weren't scared were ya?
She made it anyway.
I call this one "Contrast"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Our Trip to DC

All in all, it was great, but very exhausting. Trevor fell asleep any time we sat down.

FDR Memorial

On our way to the Jefferson

We came across this incredibly attractive fountain. This is a close up of his face. The rest of him was a fish body. I wish I could've captured that.

The Jefferson Memorial

We saw four different weddings throughout the course of this day. Most if which were here.

It was really cold the whole time we were in DC.
Mary and I had to huddle together for warmth.
Trevor and I tried, but there were... complications.

Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Monument

This one is my favorite. It's taken just after sundown at the Vietnam Memorial.
Mary and I have cute bums.

I'm so white compared to him!

The White House

Lions and Tigers and Bears

We spent our last day in the National Zoo with Mary and the little boy she nannies. His name is Peter. Can you spot the Croc?

Peter found a friend in the zoo!
Her name is Gracie. Aren't they cute?
What is that?

These spiders weren't even caged! The zookeeper said they'll never leave their webs because they are blind and the zoo feeds them, so they have no reason to wander. But I counted them, and there was one missing...

We made a friend!

While Trevor and I wandered the temple grounds, We met this little guy on the steps.
Trevor named him Harry, but the name evolved into Gary.
Gary decided he liked Trevor
and stayed with us for quite a while.
He stayed on Trev's jacket for quite sometime
But soon became restless...
and moved...
to higher places. Trevor eventually handed Gary off to some little girls playing in their lawn near the temple. He made their day.