Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Operation: Park Bench

I have (I think) an abnormal love for books. I'm always looking for something (uplifting, mind stretching, interesting, motivating, etc., etc.) to read. Personally, I think TV is a waste of time. Since vowing not to waste my time with it nearly three years ago, I have really discovered a new me. I suddenly had time to practice and get more skilled at my music. I suddenly had time to exercise. And, wow, I really learned how to conversate (is that a word?), not just talk about "did you see what was on last night?" I got rather sick of somebody else writing a script for my life so I could wile away the hours mindlessly. I can still recall and quote every episode of Seinfeld and (almost) every episode of The Simpsons. Sad? Yeah, I think so. Which is why Trevor and I don't own a TV and don't plan on it. Occasionally we watch a movie on our laptop.

I've tried to join countless (ok, like five) bookgroups, but it seems like everyone else in the world is on completely opposite schedules than me. Either that, or they don't like me that much so they purposely schedule it so I can't make it (It's a conspiracy!). Leah, my dear sister, has shed some light on this problem of mine. A friend of hers has recently started a website called Operation: Park Bench . It's an online bookgroup. I just joined and I already love it. I've been telling everyone I can about the book I just finished, but now others can read it and discuss it at their own pace. I just read reviews, and added 4+ books to my list already. Put down that remote and get reading. If you're not a reader, then walk, exercise, learn a new skill, play with playdough, learn or invent a new recipe, clean something - whatever strikes your fancy. If there is a show you really do just love and can't do without (for me its 24), then rent the season when it's out on dvd (unless you're like me and your husband refuses to watch it. Then it's a lost cause and I'd rather spend quality time with him, anyway). There's so many better things to do with your time.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Indian Superman Part 2

Award for best choreography goes to.....?