Sunday, July 29, 2007

Katelyn, DON'T do it! Please!

It's just that's it's hard when you don't have the internet or even time for yourself. Very very hard. I have something developing right now that I'm getting ready to post, but it's not done yet. Just have patience. I'll get there.

New things since last post:

  • Trevor is sick today
  • I got a new nephew (
  • The triplets drive me nuts
  • I miss connecticut and mostly the Steinbergs
  • By best friend Beta just moved back to Utah
  • My cousin got married. Who'd a thunk that would happen?
  • People got pregnant. And by people I mean Christie.
  • My friend Kate got back from Jordan and moved to Utah.
  • I enrolled in College
  • I finished unpacking the apartment
  • I lost all my baby teeth
  • I kissed Trevor excessively
  • I stubbed my toe
  • I got a washer and dryer!
  • I visited the Phippens at their home. Weird they're not missionaries anymore.
  • Found out that 88.6% of the YSA in Hartford that I knew are moving to this valley.
  • Mopped the floor nine times. A day. Stupid bloody ants.
  • Bought ant traps
  • Placed ant traps
  • Laughed maliciously
  • Posted this