Saturday, December 31, 2011

Allie or Maya?

One is Allie. One is Maya. Which is which?

Allie's Third Birthday

Allie had her third birthday! I can't believe we've had her for three years! She turned three smack dab in the middle of moving, and we just had Maya, so I wanted to keep it very simple, but also wanted to make it special. I was a little sad not to throw her a party with her friends. I know she would have loved that, but I had enough on my plate. To make it special, my mom, Trevor, and I snuck in her room the night before while she was sleeping and put balloons and streamers everywhere. My mom taped a crown and a new princess dress to the side of the pack and play so she saw that first thing when she woke up. When she woke up she was very excited and kept exclaiming "It's my bird day! It's my bird day!" She immediately put the dress and crown on. As soon as that dress was on, she looked at me and said "I need to dance." So, we put some music on and danced. After breakfast, we all headed to the children's museum and spent most of the morning there. After naps and dinner, Tristan and Tiffany also joined us for cake and presents.

If you want to hear the cutest way to say "Tinkerbell" then this movie is for you!

We sure love our little princess. She has been a tremendous blessing and a joy every day.

Friday, December 30, 2011

I couldn't decide

I couldn't decide which video is better, so I had to post both. My boy is so sweet. He makes my day.