Saturday, December 26, 2009

Williams Partay

Allie pressed her face and let (made) Aunt Donna kiss her for 5 minutes straight. I don't think Donna minded too much.

My little present.

Once again taking advantage of Emma's sweet smile.

The grandkids got matching pajamas. They were so adorable.
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Christmas Day

Emma and Allie got matching pajamas and necklaces from Grandma and Grandpa. Then Allie helped Emma unwrap her present.

Emma gets too distracted by the camera and must pause and smile for her photo op.

Allie busys herself for quite a while teaching Tyler how to work his new remote control car. 1 going on 16.
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Christmas Day in the morning

Allie loved Emma's grocery cart. We couldn't keep her out of it.

I love this little monkey.

This has got to be my most favorite thing about Emma. Whenever she sees a camera, she stops and smiles. You'll notice it on one of the popcorn and cranberry pictures too. She's so funny. Sometimes I just point the camera at her just to see her smile.

I love how excited these two look. I especially love Emma's face.
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The little sneaks.

This was the highlight of Christmas. After dinner, we went downstairs and watched a movie. The girls wandered in and out of the couch area frequently. I noticed it was too quiet and they hadn't wandered back for a while, so I decided to check on them. This is when I found those two little bodies in the glow of the christmas tree chowing down on popcorn and cranberries. Click the collage to enlarge. The dark picture was me trying to capture how precious it really was. They looked so sweet in the glow of the lights, but my flash kept ruining it and turning off the flash didn't capture it much better.

The girls kept biting into the cranberries and making the best faces. By the time I got the camera, I only got one of Emma. They learned too quickly, and I laughed and basked in them too long.

I took a picture of the handful of cranberries because it cracked me up to see all the little teeth marks out of them. And last but not least, the video isn't long, but captures the light a little better so I posted it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not a morning person

...At least this particular morning
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Allie's 1st Birthday

She loved Trevor's cousin's son. I love how she would stand on his walker and curl her toes around the edge.

She got lots of presents. One of which was a bunch of bows.
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Allie's bday-the cake

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Clean up

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Queen of begging

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My little maniac

Everytime she saw the camera she spazzed out. She is the best toy we've ever gotten!

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Born to be wild

Decorating the Tree

Tickle Tickle

She LOVES tickling anybody and everybody. You can't hear her on this video, but it's hilarious the way she says tickle tickle tickle and her little fingers move rhythmically with her tongue. I love it.

I still got it

Even with a baby bump

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Allie's favorite stuffed animal

She "borrowed" this from Aunt Marissa's room and hasn't given it back. Good thing Marissa is so gracious in sharing. Allie loves this leopard. She hugs it and rolls all over with'll see...

This is why we don't have nice things

Because a sheet, laundry basket, and hangers do the job just fine!
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Shelf Space

As I reorganized our closet, I thought this would look good on the shelf. Trevor didn't agree. It takes up a lot less room than our crib.
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