Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trouble maker

Mikey is so very mobile. But he sure gets into a lot! He got himself wedged between Allie's bed and her rail. He wasn't very happy about it.

He also really likes the bathroom. At least the toilet lid was down or it could've been much worse.
Yep. Into everything.

But how could I possibly get mad at a face like this?

Tired boy

He fell asleep putting food in his mouth. Isn't he so sweet?

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jason's House

In March, the kids and I went to Utah for a few weeks. We had such a blast seeing everyone. First stop was Uncle Jason's house. Allie took to Jason immediately. The kids were always fighting over his lap. I love these four. A lot.
We have such decisions to make. Trevor and I don't love Utah the most of the places we've lived. We don't want to raise our kids there, but watching Allie and Mikey enjoy their cousins and bask in all of their grandparents' attentions and affections made me seriously rethink our permanent home possibilities. We still have a few years to decide, but we'll have fun where we are in the meantime!

Leah's House

I love these three. Allie loved her Nash. She stayed by his side the whole time.
I got to see my Ella. This girl is my very bestest friend of all time. I love her so dearly!

We turned on some pumped up jams for cleaning. Allie and Nash were pumped!

A big reason I wanted to go to Utah was because I needed to meet my newest niece Miss Lucy Love. She was completely worth it. She's about the giggliest baby I have ever seen. No wonder. She's got LOTS of entertainment at the Higgfarm. I love her too much! Meeting her almost made it worse because now that I've gotten to know her, I miss her.

Some Cool Things

Allie loved carrying this giant fox around. It looked so funny watching her little body trying to lug that thing around.Granny's new couch is very static-y.

Mikey was almost OCD about getting the balls in the pockets.

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

I grew up in these hills. I love them so much. I miss them almost as much as I miss my family. Allie also loved them. She climbed every rock in sight. We never made it far, but it was still such a blast.
It wore her out well too.

Some Collages

Allie would NOT leave Curtis alone. She was absolutely obsessed.Allie asked to hold Mikey. When I put him next to her, she started yelling "Cammer! Cammer, Mommy!" (Camera) Like I NEEDED to take pictures of them. I did.

More of the kids

She apparently knows what mascara is.
They both fell asleep in the swings. It was about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love those two little bodies.

Photo Op

The lighting was just right and I couldn't help myself. Could you if you had such a gorgeous and photogenic daughter? Some of these are getting framed.

This one is the background on our laptop. My favorite part? Her shoes are on the wrong feet. She's so imperfectly perfect!
Oops. Forgot to rotate. Still cute.

Trike Ride

Allie and I enjoyed the mild evenings in Curtis' tricycle. Mikey enjoyed them in Granny G's arms. I'm sure she hated it too.

Txt U L8R

My in-laws came to visit. We were having so much fun that this is the only picture I took. It was too cute watching Allie hang out with her Aunt Marissa.I was curious whether Allie would remember her grandparents. When they walked in the door, she didn't skip a beat. She grabbed Michael's hand and took him straight to the toy room downstairs. They were so involved in their play, they didn't even notice Marissa and I sneak down and watch them for a while. She loved swimming at their hotel with them and didn't want to see them go. I almost didn't see her the whole time they were there. She loves her grandparents and sure loves to bask in all their attention.