Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am a battered wife.

"Does your face hurt? Cause it's killing me!"

I went sledding yesterday with Trevor and his brother and sister. It was a very popular hill, and by this point was pure ice. It had a lot of jumps at the bottom too. I hit a jump, flipped over, landed on my face, and skidded across more ice. This was taken this morning. My face hurts. My head hurts even worse. Trevor says it looks like I'm abused. Trevor's all sensitive brother, after seeing the blood dripping out of my nose, comforted me by saying, "Wow. You suck at sledding." Thanks, Tyler.

Allie Rae

She's developing nicely. Lately, she has discovered her hands and has loooooooong conversations with them. She's the most talkative baby I have ever seen. I just know we're in trouble when it comes to the phone bill. She is also into mimicking. When I'm on the phone, she copies my voice influctuations. She also LOVES to sing along when daddy or mommy are playing an instrument. She also wakes up so happy in the mornings. She's so smiley and talkative.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

An excerpt from an email

This is an excerpt from an email I received.

I read your birth story and my son is 7 months now. I had an epidural (which didn't work) but it made Kevin so drowsy, he wouldn't nurse when he was born. He also didn't cry so he was taken from me, I didn't get to hold him for 2 hours. He's fine now just slept a lot the first 24 hours but never did learn to nurse. My best friend also had her baby 4 months later and had the epidural. Her son never learned to nurse either because he was so drowsy. I'm glad you said you didn't need an epidural, the pain doesn't last long and is over once the baby's born. I think it is just nerves mostly, I was pretty nervous. Anyways just wanted to tell you that I'm very happy for you both.