Monday, February 04, 2008

Our new place-The grand tour.

This weekend, we went up to Rexburg to build the snow cave of our dreams....I mean go to Danielle's
(Trevor's sister) wedding reception.
And it was the awesomest cave ever. It took a total of 8 hours and 7 people to build, but it was a beaut.

Pictured here is the front enterance. That long pile of snow to the right of the entrance is how long the cave is.

The picture doesn't illustrate this well, but this hole is on the top of the pile. It is our snow slide. You can slide on your belly into the cave or.........

out this back entrance.

This is looking toward the back entrance from the front. The picture doesn't do it justice showing the size and the length. But it's big enough to sleep six. Believe us, we know.

Carrie, Trevor, and I stopped for an Irish Coffee break.

I'm pretty sure somebody spit in mine.

I think we had a little too much to drink.....