Sunday, July 31, 2005

Git er done!

This text is red for angry emotions. I know y'all are looking at my pictures. I know you are. You tell me you are. So why am I seeing that the only one posting comments is my beautiful sister Leah? Start commenting people! If you don't have an account at blogspot, you can still do it anon. No problems. No excuses. Git er done.

Monday, July 25, 2005


On Saturday, July 23rd, my family took me canoing up the Farmington River. It was lotsa fun. This first picture is of me being lazy and making Mike & Sarah pull us. Mike and Sarah going under a bridge.
Mike and Sarah beating us. It wasn't my fault! Bonnie kept switching sides she was paddling and hitting me in the head with her paddle in the meantime.
Felice (back) and Bonnie posing cute.

Rope Swing

There was a rope swing about a mile and a half down the river. We stopped for a while and tried it out. It was pretty hard to get on. The rope was so short and the slope you stand on is very steep, but it was a lot of fun. I have a picture of Felice wimping out and not doing it, but I didn't think she'd like it if I posted it on the internet. Yeah, I'm just that nice.....

Bonnie's Turn

Bonnie was so funny on the rope. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. The bottom picture is the best one by far.

Teehee. She's just hanging on for dear life. The funniest part was she'd swing out and keep holding on until she swung back to the shore. Then she'd drop in the inch or so of water.

Sawiiing Batta Batta Batta

Sarah had a hard time getting on the rope. But she made it......eventually.......

Walking on Water

I was a little imbalanced, but I got the walking on water thing down.

Splish Splash I Was Takin' A Bath

I don't know who these ones are of, but enjoy.

Is that a new mole on my back?

Pretty Views

I just can't get over how pretty the river was. It was a very nice day.

George of the Jungle

Mike swinging like it's nobody's business.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fellowshipping Casper

Elder and Sister Lyon asked us to lunch to fellowship someone into the YSA, but, well, she didn't show. We had fun anyway. (from Left) Sabrina, Thomas, Me, Elder Lyon (he is rarely in pictures, so I made sure he was in this one.), Sister Lyon, and Shirley.

The Old State House

Sabrina, Shirley and I took a tour of the Old State House in downtown Hartford. It was a beautiful building that was heck old. The best part was the dress up room, don't worry I got lotsa pics below. Anyway, I forgot my camera and relied on Shirley to send me all of her pictures, but she had only gotten her new digital camera the day before, and accidentally erased them all. So Shirley, Sabrina, Sabrina's twin Thomas, and I went back the next day and redid the tour all over again. Spend most of our time, once again in the play room. We got some funny looks from the security gaurd. "Back again?" he asked. haha. I wanted to go back the next day again just to see what he said. Shirley and Sabrina said no. Oh well. This time I brought my camera.

The Phantom of the Opera is there...

This was a large gorgeous room. The chandelier reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera. Then I got a little spooked.....and wet myself....good times. Great oldies.

Staring Justice right in the eye

I could heck totally be Lady Justice, with a cute pink purse instead of scales. Maybe I'll be lady fashion...ok we all know that's not gonna happen.

Model Citizen

This is our professional model sitting on the model of the Old State House


All I need now are little Japanese people running around below me.

All for one and one for all

It took a lot of coaxing just to get Thomas to put on a hat...let alone pose. You can't see the blue feather in the hat very well, but he could possibly pass as a Musketeer.

Oh Heavens, Child

This one is my personal favorite. Sabrina, you look good as an old crotchety woman.

Chillin wit da royalty

Pilgrim Postage Miranda, Queen Shirley, and The Little Drummer that Could Sabrina.

Even the 1700s make me look good!

Oh yeah, I'm gonna be one hot granny.

Fourscore and Seven years ago...

Shirley doin', um, stuff....

Under the Sea

King Crab. That fo sho is the largest claw I ever did see.


The thing about this is...well it doesn't really say, but we figured it looked like it's insides were out, but didn't look like it was slit open or anything. Born that way?


Some interesting Masks from....places......
I don't know if you can tell how large these insects are, but the one on top looked about a foot long to me....

I need bugspray

Some more large bugs....and a bat

Pull my finger....

This mumified hand was gross, but I couldn't stop staring at it. It had nail and everything. Gross...

Double Milkshake

And a two headed cow.....

Luau Anyone?

And a two headed pig. I'm craving bacon....

What's that?

Shirley (right) and I (left) playing hide and seek.


Sabrina (left) and her twin Thomas (right) hiding behind a column.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What they call "hiking"

My friend Shirley turned 22, so we went for a morning hike to have a birthday Breakfast. From left-Yours truly, Sabrina, Shirley, and Sister Lyon. Preparing for our "hike" to Heublein Tower.
A picture of the trail we walked along. It was beautiful up there.
Once we got to the top of the mountain, it was beautiful. You could see the whole valley. This was also the first time I've seen the sun since I've been in Connecticut. It's always overcast.
Squiggles the frog. We found him on our way up.
Sister Lyon said I had to get a picture of her being brave and holding the frog.
This area of the mountain was gorgeous. It looked like something that came out of a fairy tale. This large rock we were standing on had a tree root going all through it. It was beautiful.
A better picture of the roots.
This is my "pro photo" The effect of the sun coming through the trees made me proud of my photography skills.
This was the beautiful birthday cake provided by Elder and Sister Lyon. It's the most creative cake I've ever seen. I loved it, and it was delicious.
I really need to start rotating my pictures on my camera before I put them on the computer. I know I could rotate them on the computer, I just haven't figured out how yet. Anyway, this is Heublein Tower. It was built a long time ago as a summer home by some rich guy, and there's a chair in there where it is said either Eisenhower or Hoover (I don't remember) sat when they asked him to run for President.

A cute little racoon frog on the left, and and interesting dragonfly. If you look really close, you'll notice the dragonfly has square wings. I thought it was cool.