Thursday, October 28, 2010

This was Mikey tonight.

Right before bed. These kids are the best toys ever.

Halloween 2010

This was our themed costume. I spent so much on the dori head a couple of years ago that I decided I couldn't wear it only once. That, and it was easy. For Trevor, we just taped a bunch of twisty balloons to his body to make him an anemone. For Mikey, I cut a hole in a nemo stuffed animal that I've had for a while and took some of the stuffing out. For Allie, I hot glued some ripped up bath poofs to a shower cap and pinned it on a dress. They were a hit (and it all cost around $10! Not bad for four of us!).

I love my sweet jellyfish. She even jumped everywhere she went so it looked like a jellyfish swimming. I only safety pinned the jellyfish on her dress, but she liked all the pink poofy tentacles so much that I think I'm going to permanently sew them on.
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My pumpkin. Trevor's pumpkin got sacrificed in the making of mine. Thanks honey.Allie's pumpkin.
Not sure who's pumpkins this was, but I thought it was funny. It reminded me of Curtis.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Meal

Here is one of my favorites.

Put some crackers in a ziploc bag. We use whole grain saltines, but you can use regular, or Ritz, or Club, or whatever you like. Add some seasoning. I use italian, sage, garlic salt, and whatever else smells good. Crush together in sealed bag, either with a rolling pin, or your fists.

Stab chicken breasts with a fork and cover in milk. I do this and marinate it in the milk overnight. Doing so produces creamy, juicy chicken. But even just soaking it in milk for a few minutes helps.

Place chicken breasts in ziploc bag and shake.

Place chicken breasts on pan. Pour some of the bigger cracker pieces onto the breasts.

Bake at 350 for 10-15 min on each side.

It's simple and delicious! I also love to put dried spinach in with the crackers and seasonings too. We love to serve with tortellini or couscous and salad. Enjoy!

Dragon Slayer

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This was Allie's easter dress this year.

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Sleep like a baby

Mikey loves to sleep with the top of his head nuzzled into something. He'll nuzzle under my pillows to fall asleep. When we went to a cabin a few weeks ago, I woke up to find he had wrapped the top sheet around his face two times before he fell asleep. He woke up and freaked out when I took it off. He'll do it with his blanket too. It scares me that one day I might wake up and find he suffocated in the night.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Boy

This boy has a hold on my heart like no other boy in the world has. I love him and he loves me. He's so delightful to be around.
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Bath time

My back is not aligned so it's hard to bend over the tub right now. Can't wait for the Chiropractor in a few more days! I put Mikey in the tub in the sink. He goes to bed earlier, so I figured I'd bathe him and Trevor could bathe Allie in the actual tub. Next thing we know, Allie has stripped and gotten up in that tub with him. ha ha. We can't keep her from water or her brother. It's simply too much if they're both together.

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My tornadoes

I love my little tornadoes. They're worth all the mess. I love watching their little bodies sitting and playing with toys together. They are too cute for one mothers heart. I think it would burst if I didn't have all of you to share them with. They're just too much!
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This was Allie yesterday.

She was so cute just walking around, I had to take a video. If you listen, at first she says "Hanket" (blanket). Then she says "Bop. Go" (stop. go) repeatedly. It's a game we constantly play on walks. She loves seeing what her words can do. So I oblige. I can't help myself. It's just so fun to see her say a word and study the effect it has on me and the rest of the world.
This time, she dressed herself. This is what she picked. It was much too cold a day for this dress, and it's a size or two too big still, but does that matter to an almost two year old? She refused a coat as well. Sheesh. I think we've got another Olivia on our hands. Little divas. I love them to death!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mud puddles

The beginning of the summer, it rained for about three weeks straight. Allie LOVED the mud puddles in our driveway. But Allie has a meltdown if her shoes get dirty. Next best thing? Mom's shoes. Mom's shoes are perfect for muddy wetness!