Friday, January 18, 2008

I know it's been forever. Here's an update

Sorry for the long delay. Update time. So I've been working 45 hours a week and going to school for massage therapy 14 hours a week. Talk about no time to myself. In the hour and 20 min that I have between work and school, I do laundry,homework, cook dinner, and try to have some sort of time for my husband. He works just as long and hard as me (but he gets up and goes to the gym for two hours every morning, so he does have a much longer day). On the up side, I got a raise! So that will help a lot. Things have been very hard, and we're at that point in life where "when it rains it pours." Oh and did I tell you, I've also been dealing with legal battles of identity theft in my name. And not by an individual, it was by a company that got a hold of my information. So I spend what little free time I have writing police reports, signing affidavits, and contacting district and state attorneys, because my attorney is bent on bringing this company down and having someone go to jail for this. As they should. So it's little old me against a large corporation. It's pretty scary and very stressful. Luckily I've got the best most supportive husband in the world and I love him. He always knows how to help me relax and seems to make things better. Anyway, I'm not writing to complain. I also have exciting news!!!

No, I'm not pregnant. What made you think that, you silly gooses! I want to wait until we've settled in Oregon. That's still at least a year away. No, this weekend I'm going to a private party hosted by Robert Redford himself. Though I won't be there as a guest, I'll get to massage his guests. That's right, I'm going to be massaging celebrities! And meeting them and what not. I hope I can get some pictures. I don't know if I can bring a camera, but it'll be a tremendous way to get my name out there and hopefully someone will like my work. Cuz, my work rocks. I can't wait!!!