Friday, February 25, 2011

I am very very sneaky sir

Allie is such a wonderful sister. I'm always impressed with how willing she is to share with Mikey (now if only I could get her that willing with her toys and other kids). Yesterday, I gave her a graham cracker. She immediately handed it to Mikey and then asked for another. She always makes sure he has something to eat before she does. Well, unless it's candy.

The Johnny Jumper

Thanks to my wonderful and innovative hubby, we finally found a way to enjoy our Johnny jumper. And we enjoy it to its fullest!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Date Night

Trevor and I have started a babysitting group. There are 4 couples, including us, that take everybody's kids one weekend night a month while everyone else goes on dates. I love it. One night of chaos for 3 free date nights? I'd say it's a deal! We also bought a groupon for blacklight mini golf for two for only $9. I'd say that's a pretty good cheap date! And to spice things up, we dressed each other. The mini golf was inside a huge outlet mall. So afterwards, we walked around to see what the mall had to offer. Everyone one that passed us would make comments on how "fresh"we looked. Two black girls walked by us and one said "Y'all look Fresh!" and her friend looked us up and down and said "Mmmhmmm. To death!" So we not only had a cheap date but we achieved something I never thought possible. We looked fresh to death. Date night well spent.
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My Sweet Little Man

I enjoy him way too much. He's almost too happy.

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Girly Curly Hair

Seriously. Those curls kill me. She's way too cute!

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My Little Chef

We found this apron in a box of clothes. Allie is always putting it on and bringing me my apron while saying "I want to cook!" She loves helping me cook. Especially if it involves flour.


These are the girls I babysit. Aren't I such a great babysitter? ha ha.

Allie loves to carry around Bethany's back pack. Bethany got jealous, so she used my scripture case instead. The girls like to dance together. They are so funny.

The City Museum

This is the City Museum! It is one of the funnest places I've ever been to. We had so much fun, we barely took any pictures. We took zero in the caves, which is my favorite section. It has a 10 story slide (I giggle like a little girl the whole way down), and a million little tunnels to crawl through. It's also a favorite because it is mostly dark, and Trevor and I like to pop out of the tunnels and scare the living daylights out of people. It's hilarious. The room we have the most pictures of is my favorite too. It's so beautiful and will be some inspiration for my house in the future. I'm going to have a white ceiling like that. Inside the white ceiling, you can see bubbles. That's because all throughout the ceiling is the McDonald's playplace tubing that you can crawl through and discover new things. The first visit, we went with our neighbors Tristan and Tiffany. Tiffany and I would watch the kids while the guys ran off and played. Then they'd come back and we'd get to run off and play. We discovered very narrow tunnels and holes we could barely squeeze through. We went home and put the kids to bed and got a sitter and went back to play some more. We would take the guys to some of the really tight squeezes we could barely get through, and laugh our heads off as we watched them try to get their broad shoulders through.

Another inspiration for my home was the sponge room. I want one. Building blocks are expensive and they hurt when thrown at your face. But sponges? I figured if I buy a package or two every time I go grocery shopping, it'd add up eventually. And I can put them in a vacuum space saver bag and store them easily. I want one of those rooms.

Another wonderful attraction was the worst juggler ever. If you look at the picture with him and Trevor and Allie, you'll notice his right wrist is wrapped in some cloth. He cut a pretty good sized gash in it while juggling machetes. There was a lot of blood. It was great. But I was impressed that he didn't stop the show. I kinda wished he would have.

My only real complaint about the museum, is that you crawl around so much that your knees are black and blue. So, when I took my friend Katie a few weeks later, we taped socks to our knees. It worked like a charm!The slide in this video starts on the third floor and ends on the first floor. It's a blast and you can get going really fast. I highly recommend it.

Think outside the box

More Sweet Dancing

Sometimes, I think these two enjoy each other too much.

Wild Lights

We went to the Wild Lights at the zoo just a few days after Christmas. It was a lot of fun. Freezing, but a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed themselves and it was nice to get out. The lights were pretty, but once you've seen the Christmas lights at Temple Square, it's hard to think anything else comes close.

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The Wicked Witch of the West

I found her. Sad to see her go.