Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter/Passover

So I'm getting a new post about once a month now. That's not too bad. I'm trying again! I should get points for that. Well, it's been eventful. First off, my husband graduated in Massage Therapy! I'm so proud he made it through. I know there were times he wanted to give up, but he stuck it out and I'm am so proud of him. Now I just have to not give up and graduate in October, which is just barely in time, because the baby is due Nov 13th. That's right, folks! In case you haven't heard, Trevor and I have begun our plan to populate the earth with more perfect people! Baby's first ultrasound will be in April-so you already know what next months post will be! That's about it for us. Oh and Happy Easter or Passover, whichever pertains to you.