Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Miss Maya

I haven't posted much about the life of Miss Maya, so here she is over the course of her lifetime. She's sweet and charming and happy. She's been a tremendous blessing in our lives. You would think that adding a third kid to our already hectic life would add to the mass chaos going on. She doesn't. There is something about this girl that has calmed us all down. She has the sweetest, most serene presence. Something about her reminds me to stop and smell the roses, and don't sweat the small stuff. When we chose her middle name (Grace), I told Trevor that I had a feeling she was going to be our saving grace. In many, many ways, she has been. I needed her. She wasn't in our plans for a few more years, but I am certainly grateful that God had his plans. He knew this family needed her and we needed her now.


Leah said...

That close up of her face made me laugh so hard!

Miranda W. said...

I put that one especially for you. I thought you'd like it.

~*~DUCKY~*~ said...

You have such cute kids. I'm glad that she adds to the family and makes everything better!